Since the beginning of time, gold has been seen and used as a symbol of royalty and prestige value. It is the most malleable and ductile, has the highest corrosion resistance and does not oxidize or corrode of all metals. Chemically speaking, it is uninteresting; however that is what makes it so valuable. You could literally create a house made completely of gold and be content that 1,000 years from now it could be found in pristine condition. Blaqk Gold promotes the royalty and gold characteristics in one’s whole self. A sense in quality a value of persons of colour or more plainly put, “black people”. Our aim is the empowerment of black people, the dismantling of typical stereotypes and the creation of allies. We simply want the world to view black people as valuable rather that invaluable human beings. The project started as a personal solution to become more active creatively. The visual style was stumbled upon accidentally by exploring in Photoshop with a photograph of Lauryn Hill. The goal for her was to somehow create an illusion where parts of Lauryn Hill’s body were covered by a different texture/substance. This eventually led her to the treatment you currently see which inspired her to explore more. By coincidence, the timing of this was just before February. That, combined with the need to create resulted in a daily personal challenge to create one treated photograph per day for the entire month of February. She vowed that she would choose one exceptional black person to honour by applying this graphic treatment to their photograph. This ultimately transformed into a yearly challenge, which will be in its seventh edition in February 2022. It has morphed into a brand/movement, where the artwork, custom prints and other items such as apparel and stationery are available for purchase.